Metal Roof Restoration in Bronxville

Kevin Higgins The Roofer provides complete metal roof restoration to your residential or commercial metal roofing system in Bronxville. Benefit from advanced roofing technology that offers completely customized fittings of prefabricated superior quality metal roofing membranes without costly or time consuming tear down of your existing roof system. Our team of licensed and uninsured roof restoration specialists also provide protective metal roof coatings that offer water tight sealing and extend roof lifespan and product performance against the most extreme weather conditions and temperature fluctuations.

Signs That Your Metal Roof Needs Repair

Check for these metal roof repair problems and schedule a certified roof inspection from our reliable metal roofing experts in Bronxville.

  • Stains on interior walls or ceilings that are frequently a sign of roof leaks
  • Pooling water on the roof surface that indicate roof drainage problems
  • Roof material that is pulling away from roof walls
  • Loose metal flashing
  • Rust and corrosion
  • Tears and punctures
  • Accumulation of debris or ice build-up on roof drainage systems
  • Loose seams and gaps around flashing
  • An increase in energy costs

Metal Roof Restoration

Kevin Higgins The Roofer restores commercial metal roofing with a range of roof services that include advanced technology spray foam roof coatings. Energy efficient and long lasting, Kevin Higgins The Roofer uses approved premium quality protective products that fully seal and restore metal roofing systems with a highly durable layer of superior waterproof protection that can stand up to extreme temperature fluctuations and remain stabilized and shielded against thermal shock.

Spray Foam Coating Protection for Metal Roofing

  • Minimizes maintenance requirements
  • Eliminates rust and corrosion problems
  • Provides a solar shield and superior UV protection
  • Prevents water leaks on metal roofing
  • Seamless – no adhesion required
  • Helps to reduce energy costs
  • Seals all gaps cracks and crevices

Polymer and Aluminum Metal Roofing Topcoat

Schedule a free estimate with one of our experienced, licensed and insured roof restoration technicians in Bronxville to learn more about the cost saving advantages of aluminum polymer roof restoration options for commercial metal roofing. Exceptionally durable and weather resistant, Kevin Higgins The Roofer installs prefabricated, manufacturer warrantied single ply roof membranes that are suitable to low sloped and flat metal roof systems. Kevin Higgins The Roofer customizes aluminum and polymer restoration projects that replace the need for complete roof restoration and are completely waterproof, UV ray-resistant and maintenance-free.

Advantages of Prefabricated Roof Membrane Restoration Installation

  • No need for costly and time consuming tear down of your existing roof
  • Precisely adjusted to your existing metal roof
  • Suitable for all commercial metal roof systems in Bronxville
  • Certified installation from an experienced and efficient Kevin Higgins The Roofer roof restoration specialist
  • Provides extra energy savings that includes solar shield protection and high quality insulation
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Fire and puncture resistant
  • Resists accumulation of dirt, dust and grease
  • Stands up to extreme temperature fluctuations

Our licensed, insured and bonded roofing experts provide a complete line of metal roof services that restore corroded and damaged metal roofing systems to their original condition or better! Contact Kevin Higgins The Roofer for more information and for a free metal roof restoration estimate today.